Domino’s Pizza, Inc. (NYSE:DPZ) Reindeer To Deliver Pizza In The Festive Season

Domino’s Pizza, Inc. (NYSE:DPZ) is training reindeers on how to make pizza deliveries during the festive season. According to a press release by the fast food company, this will be on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. To make this a reality, the fast food firm is working with reindeer breeders on training the animals to deliver pizza to Domino’s customers. This is at the Hokkaido Delivery Integrated Research Center. The Dominos reindeer initiative will be rolled out in December.

Winter is coming but Dominos reindeer will brave it all

While Japan is expecting a severely cold winter, the pizza delivery reindeers are expected to brave it all and, of course, deliver.  Customers will even be able to keep track of their delivery using a global positioning system app on their mobile devices. A cartoon reindeer appearing on the GPS app will show exactly where the pizza delivery reindeer is at any particular moment.

The Dominos reindeer project has however not been smooth sailing all through. There have been many setbacks, especially regarding the nuts and bolts. Initially, there was the challenge of getting the pizza boxes attached to the back of the reindeer as they kept falling off. Eventually, it was decided that sleighs be attached to the reindeers.

Pushing the boundaries

Domino’s, which bills itself as the ‘world’s fastest pizza maker’, has been innovating on faster and more efficient ways of pizza delivery. In early November, it had pizza delivered to a New Zealand couple via a drone. Don Meij, Domino’s CEO, then intimated that the future lay in delivery by drones since they were the fastest delivery method known. In Kent, UK, Domino’s has had pizza delivered via a canoe. Its customers there can also order pizza just by using a pizza emoji and sending it through Twitter or via a short message service. And in the Caribbean island of Aruba, pizza pies have been delivered by truck since the high winds prevalent on the island make motorcycle deliveries impossible.

A progress report on Dominos reindeer delivery project is slated to come out on December 1.

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