Marion Hillson – Contributor

Marion is the founder of SEC, LLC, a company specializing in small business and personal finance management. He has featured in multiple finance blogs including Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider and Investopedia.

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Maurice Goldstein – Contributor

Maurice has a Ph.D. from the University of Birmingham School of Finance and Management. He lectures finance in the University of New Jersey. He has published about mainly finance elated topics for more than ten years. His favorite topics include Finance, Technology and Business. Other times he writes about Sports and political news.

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Jeanne O’Marion – Contributor

Jeanne is a well-known prolific writer that has captured the attention of many people throughout the world. Her mother was a writer and she probably inherited the writing skills from her.

Jeanne co-owns an online journal; The Finance and You with her husband. The journal mainly concentrates on Personal finance management but also includes other topics such as health and wellness, sports, stock market and technology news.

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Liza Goodheart – Contributor

Unlike many writers, Liza considers herself a universal writer. She writes about different topics from all over the world and has managed to capture the attention of many through the world.

Her concentration topics include, finance, traveling news, sports, technology, healthcare, political and cultural news. Other times she includes celebrity news as well.

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Joseph McCarthy – Contributor

Joseph was born in New York, grew up in Chicago and now lives in Washington. He hails from a family of mixed race as he puts it. His father is from Italy while his mother is from the U.S. from a Latin American father and a German hailed mother.

He studied Economics and Finance in the University of Alabama. He has worked in several companies as the Chief Finance Officer as well as other finance related positions.

He has been published in multiple online publications mainly about finance but sometimes delves to technology and sport news.

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Martin Roberts – Contributor

Martin is a soft spoken person but very loud in his writing as those close to him like to put it. His writing has impacted many especially small business owners and individual persons.

He writes mainly on personal management and matters involving running small business. He is also a professor in Finance in the University of Detroit.

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