Center Of Excellence Launched By PTC India And Infosys

Infosys Limited and PTC India recently launched a joint Center of Excellence at the former’s Bengaluru campus. The center is expected to come up with premium solutions that will be deployed in brownfield and greenfield industrial arrangements.

Besides the new center, sound financial health, stronger innovations and a new strategy are poised to assist in the growth of Infosys. Challenges that Infosys is likely to face include such headwinds as a potential securities fraud charge or unfavorable forex conversion impact.

Vertical-specific solutions

With the new Bengaluru center of excellence the industry leadership, product engineering know-how and conventional industry domains of Infosys will be strengthened. For the long term Infosys intends to invest in technologies which will enable vertical-specific solutions. This includes an IoT ecosystem which will ensure the ThingWorx platform of PTC is consolidated. Additionally the solutions might include augmented reality experiences, solutions for service lifecycle management and management solutions for advanced product lifecycle.

“Based on our strong foundation of product engineering excellence, we will be able to create applications like product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, Augmented Reality (AR) experiences and service lifecycle management (SLM) solutions leveraging their ThingWorx IoT platform,” said the deputy COO and president of Infosys, Ravi Kumar.

Innovation and design facility

The launch of a joint center of excellence by InfoSys and PTC India comes in the wake of the former announcing that it will launch an innovation and design center in the Finnish capital Helsinki later in spring this year. Besides an innovation and a design hub, a delivery center will also be put up at the facility.

It will not only serve the customers of Infosys is Finland but will also collaborate with other centers of the IT provider across the globe. InfoSys did not disclose how many new employees would be hired at the new facility. Currently the IT provider boasts of about 198,000 employees across the globe.

Approval of shareholders

This comes in the wake of shareholders of InfoSys approving Salil Parekh as the managing director and chief executive officer of the IT provider per a filing with the regulators. According to the filing approximately 97.96% of the shareholders were in favor of the appointment. Additionally the shareholders also voted to approve newly-appointed chief operating officer, UB Pravin Rao. Per the filing approximately 99.98% of the shareholders voted their approval. Voting was done by electronic mode as well as by physical ballot.

Earlier in the year following his appointment Parekh indicated that his most important and urgent priorities would be developing a way forward for the company pledging to make an announcement in April.