Foxconn Launches Investigation After Reports Of Harsh Working Conditions At Its Factory

Foxconn has announced that it has launched investigations into allegations of harsh working conditions at its factory. The company made the announcement after China Labor Watch, which is based in the New York, published a report that indicated Amazon’s workers were being subjected to many hours of work, inadequate training, low wages as well as over dependence on temporary workers.

Undercover investigation

Before compiling the report, an investigator from China Labor Watch went underground and acted as a worker in the factory. He then interviewed 20 workers, as well as took time to observe the conditions. During the period of investigation, the undercover investigator secured a position in the factory to clean Echo Dot speakers using a toothbrush soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove dust.

In its investigation,China Labor Watch said around 40% of the employees at the factory were on temporary basis. This is far beyond the 10% that is legally allowed under the Chinese law. Additionally, the investigation also found out that dispatch employees were paid at the same rate for both regular and overtime hours.

According to the investigation, the company was paying dispatch workers $2.26 per hour. Additionally, workers were working over 100 hours in over time every month during peak season. This is way beyond the 36 hours of overtime allowed under the law. Additionally, some workers worked for 14 consecutive days.

Amazon’s audit

 In its response, Amazon said it carried out an audit of the factory and found that dispatch workers and overtime are matters of great concern. Amazon in a statement, said following the revelation, it requested Foxconn to put in place a corrective plan. Amazon said it is currently monitoring the response from Foxconn as well as the compliance with its Supplier Code of Conduct. Amazon expressed its commitment to ensuring that the matter is fully resolved.

Echo Speakers

Amazon, which is the largest online retailer in the world, sells a variety of devices. The company uses tablets and kindles to sell more digital books.

Foxconn, which is based in Taiwan is the largest manufacturer of contract electronics in the world and has a headcount of over a million people. The company, which makes Apple iPhones made headlines following as series of suicides at its plant. The suicides were linked to poor working conditions at the plant to which the company responded with a promise to improve the working conditions.